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Playbook Software

Modern Football Playbook software still has, as its primary function, the ability to create, organize and print play drawings, playbook pages and playbook documents on a computer.  

"Built-in", football-specific drawing tools make the task of drawing lines, circles, boxes, curves, and "squiggles" easier and faster when compared with general purpose software like Word or Powerpoint. This is most evident when its time to draw curved lines or apply blocking "heads" and especially, print one or more pages or an entire playbook. There is simply no better way to draw a football play than with software designed to draw a football play.


At the same time, current playbook software from the leading publishers works better than ever - especially when its necessary to save a play, page or an entire playbook for use in other software like Word or Powerpoint; create images that can be placed on web sites, or publish playbooks as computer files that can be viewed on a computer, tablet or phone. 

We distribute two football playbook software products that have delivered quality and value... year-in and year-out : Playmaker Pro and Coach's Office.  

Playmaker Pro Sample Drawing

Sample Football Play Drawing from Playmaker Pro
(click image to enlarge)

Each of our playbook software publishers offers play drawing tools and capabilities that save time and produce better looking diagrams than any general-purpose software. While their approach is a bit different, the diagram above could be created with either product.

Each has unique capabilities - with Playmaker, its the presence of Animation and the ability to create full field drawings as well as short field drawings. With Coachs Office, its the "modular approach" that makes it quick and easy to use place a play drawing in a Practice Script, as well as onto a Playbook page.

Coachs Office Modules

Coach's Office is a "modular" system - play drawings
are available in its Script and Playbook "modules"

Click one or more of the links to the right to learn more about these two leading Playbook software programs offered by CompuSports: Coach's Office and Playmaker Pro. Both products are used at all levels, from Youth, High School, and College to the NFL.

Football Coaching Software Products

PlayMaker Pro

 PlayMaker Pro has been the industry standard in Football Playbook Software for two decades.

Available for Windows or Mac, Playmaker keeps getting better, and now has a companion "app" that makes it possible to view plays, playbooks and animations on an iPhone or iPad.  


Coach's Office

Coach's Office takes the idea of football playbook software to a new level with its approach to integrating Play Card, Play Script and Playbook publishing into a single system.  Optional modules are available for combining game video and play illustrations into a single Presentation.