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Easy-Scout Game Breakdown Form

Designed for quick breakdown of Offensive Game Video


This form was designed to help football coaches "break down" an offense.  First developed for a High School Football Defensive Coordinator, we liked it so much that we included it on the CD's that we mailed out when someone purchased one of our Easy-Scout Football Scouting or Video Editing software programs.  Since most software is now downloaded, its available free on request.

We've also had some positive feedback from Offensive Football coaches who think it helps them  "Self-Scout" by quickly revealing tendencies as the game progresses.


30 Years helping football coaches build better game plans with Easy-Scout Football Scouting software

We built this football scouting form with Microsoft Office and then created a PDF version to make it easy for football coaches to reproduce it as needed.  There are a couple of things about the design of the form that are worth mentioning:

  1. The Hash, Down, Distance, Formation Strength, Play Direction and Play Type columns are designed to make it is easy to circle the appropriate item.
  2. The Distance to go for a first down has S, M and L (Short, Medium, Long) in the upper half of the cell so its easy to either circle the distance range, enter the actual Yards to go for a first down below the S, M, L or both.
  3. The # column is for the Play Number.  There is no column to record the Series - we usually just draw a line between series.
  4. There is little room to draw plays (we have other forms for that). It is possible to use the comment section for a few illustrations per page, especially if you write small.

This form has been a useful game planning tool for many Football Coaches for a number of years, and can be helpful when teaching new coaches how to break down a football game.


Football Coaching Software Products

Easy-Scout Plus

Powerful and complete football scouting and game analysis software. Collect, Organize, Manage and Analyze details about each play in a football game. View and Print  Offensive and Defensive Tendency Reports.


Easy-Scout Professional

Video-enabled version of Easy-Scout Plus. Watch football game video while recording football scouting data. Quickly locate and view plays from one or more football games.

Optional video publishing capabilities to create cutups and extract video to make highlight and training tapes or DVD's.


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