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 Athletic Equipment Manager

Sports Equipment Inventory Management Software

Sports Equipment Management

Athletic Equipment Manager (AEM) is a software application for managing a Sports Equipment Inventory.  Suitable for a wide variety of sports equipment inventory management tasks, AEM is based on the time-tested design from one of the most widely used athletic equipment management programs for personal computers. 

Athletic Equipment Manager has no limits on its capacity for inventory items, and tracks inventory on a "real-time", transaction basis - making it possible to keep running tabs on inventory levels to ensure a consistent supply and adjust stock levels as necessary. Entering Player and Staff information is quick and easy and return dates can be entered and checked for both re-usable and disposable items.

Athletic Equipment Manager includes a  Purchasing and Receiving Module for recording Purchase Orders, Vendor Information and receiving transactions, or Inventory levels can be adjusted quickly by simply adjusting on-hand quantity levels. AEM can track giveaways to avoid "surprise" and embarrassing stockouts, and has an "item tag" (ID) feature that makes it possible to assign and track equipment and clothing by number.

Athletic Equipment Manager's on-screen "lookup" and reporting capabilities make it quick and easy to determine status of individual or groups of inventory items - for individual sports or multiple sports. Reports can be printed based on individuals or entire teams, for inventory items and for open purchase orders - to the screen, to the printer and now directly to an Excel Spreadsheet or PDF file!

Following in the footsteps of what many believe to have been the best overall value in Sports Equipment Inventory Management software, the NEW Athletic Equipment Manager from CompuSports extends the legacy of the Pensport Equipment Manager into its second decade and for years to come.

Take control of your Sports Equipment Inventory ...

Order the Athletic Equipment Manager today !

Equipment Manager .......$249
(includes shipping & handling)

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Athletic Equipment Manager 
Standard Edition ... $99

Athletic Equipment Manager 
Advanced Edition ... $199

AEM Upgrade
Standard to Advanced ..$100

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Master Inventory Information
Inventory Item Maintenance
Inventory Issue Transaction
Player and Staff Info
Purchasing and Receiving
Report Sample

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